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Your Oriental rugs and other fine rugs are appreciated pieces that require special care and attention. When it comes to cleaning your quality rugs, you want trusted experts who will skillfully clean your textiles without harming them. Ever Steam Carpet that is Top Area Rug cleaners in Denver is here to help. We’ll come to your home as well as pick up your rug. Then, we knowledgeably remove dust, dirt, allergens, spots and stains. After they are done, we return them to your home and place them in their innovative location in your home.

Ever Steam Carpet that offers Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver expertly cleans fine rugs of all kinds. From heirloom Persian rugs to antique Navajo rugs, traditional to contemporary and all fine rugs in amongst, we clean them. Furthermore, whether your rugs are made of wool, silk or cotton, trust that they are in capable hands. We also clean synthetic rugs; however they typically can be cleaned with a traditional hot water extraction technique and don’t require the level of care of cleaning an Oriental or other fine rug.

While some rugs may necessitate precise types of different care, the following is the typical procedure that you can expect your fine rug to go through during the fine rug cleaning process. After you book an appointment, Ever Steam Carpet that is Area Rug Cleaning Company in Denver will come to your home and pick up your rug. We’ll roll it up and bring it to the rug plant. Cleaning and drying characteristically takes 10-14 days from start to finish. Once the cleaning is finished, your rug is rolled in addition to wrapped in plastic sheeting. We’ll return the rug to your home plus put it back in place.

After your rug arrives at the plant, the chief step is inspection. Here, any damage or staining is notated. Should repairs be essential you’ll be notified of any additional suggested work to be done. After inspection, your rug moves on to the subsequent step where loose soil is vibrated out of the rug. This gentle, yet thorough procedure knocks out years of dust and dirt can produce a surprising amount of soil that has been trapped between wool, silk or cotton fibers for years!

Next, the rug is precisely treated for any stains, such as pet urine, that may be present. After that, it is submerged in a water bath with continuous flowing water. This is indispensable in that it prevents color run from released dyes from bleeding into adjacent areas. The rug is agitated while in the water bath to discharge remaining soils as it is being cleaned.

Next, the rug is further rinsed and then placed into a big centrifuge. This machine spins the water out of the rug getting it mostly dry though preventing; dye from running, the rug from browning from drying too slowly or from discoloring the fringes.

Ever Steam Carpet that is Best Area Rug Cleaning In Denver does the preceding steps before packaging the rug is to fully dry the rug. This is done by hanging the rug in a temperature as well as humidity controlled environment to ensure the appropriate drying speed. Once your rug has been skillfully cleaned, it is packaged and delivered back to your home. Ever Steam Carpet that offers Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver will put it back just as we found it, only now your Oriental, Persian, Navajo Cotton or other fine rug will be pleasingly cleaned and ready to put back into service adding warmth and beauty to your home.