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Cleaning carpets is not just about enlightening the appearance of your home, but also the overall health. Carpeting can be the home to mold spores, dust mites, as well as bacteria. Over time, this can create an unwholesome environment to live or work in. Ever Steam Carpet that provides Carpet cleaning Services in Denver and Best Cleaner In Denver uses all truck mounted carpet cleaners that sanitize the carpets with water heated to over high degrees. Our machines have the uppermost rated vacuum in the industry ensuring that your carpets will dry as soon as conceivable.

We Have A 5-Step Process To Clean All Carpets.

  • Inspect the area :  An inspection is one of the most significant steps. Most jobs offer different situations that require different processes to attain the best result. While inspecting, we learn what will function best for your individual situation.
  • Pre-Treat :  All areas with an enzyme solution, paying superior attention to the areas that we noticed during our inspection, then agitate and scrub needed areas.
  • Extraction  :   We then extract the carpet with a mild cleaning detergent that leaves no remainder. We depend on our equipment to do the cleaning, not chemicals.  The 220-degree water makes all the difference in our ability to use very slight detergents versus harsh chemicals.
  • Encapsulant neutralizer : After all carpeting is cleaned; we mist over a nullifying solution that ensures no spots will come back or re-attract soil over time. This keeps your carpets clean longer as well as acts like a fabric softener for the carpet.
  • Groom – The preceding step is to groom/rake the carpet, this step helps with dry time, as well as scrubs in the neutralizer or protector into that carpet.

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We also offer additional protector at an additional cost.  Ever Steam Carpet that provides Best Carpet Cleaning in Denver uses fluorochemical technology to protect carpet against dry, liquid, and oil-based spills. If you are interested in extra protector, ask the cleaning technician before the job.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver

Make your carpet new again with the most influential hot water extraction technology in the market. We customize your cleaning solution to your exclusive cleaning requirements. Ever Steam Carpet that provides Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver is expert on cleaning and stain removal for both, natural as well as synthetic carpets. For pet stains, to prevent the return of future stains we also offer odor removal.

Carpet protection works by repelling dirt from the carpet fibers as well as stopping them from absorbing the spills. Carpet protector also provides ultraviolet protection to lessen fading in sun-exposed carpets and will help slowdown wear.

Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Denver

Carpet protection is an imperative step in helping you keep your newly cleaned carpets staying clean. When you spill something on unprotected carpets, the fibers absorb the mess, generating stains or odors. Our environmentally pleasant and patented Powered Water thoroughly cleans, eliminates bacteria and mold, and keeps your carpet fibers remarkably soft.