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Dusting is the chief step in any proper cleaning of an area rug. It is essential to remove all of the dry particulate soil that Ever Steam Carpet that is Top Area Rug cleaners in Denver can utilize our Rug Badger. The Rug Badger creates thousands of vibration every minute from the back side of the rug knocking dirt through our screen and then can be effortlessly vacuumed off both the front and back.

Sometimes rug dusting is done 2-3 times depending on the quantity of soil and hair accumulated. If the rug is not dusted before cleaning with water, you will generate mud which can stay buried with the rug.

Top Area Rug cleaners in Denver

Submersion cleaning is the technique of rug cleaning for most of the rugs today as that is the way they are cleaned in the “old world”. Hand washing rugs is a technique we use for silk rugs and silk embedded or silk highlighted rugs. Whatever your heirloom rug, designer rug, oriental rug or Indian rug Ever Steam Carpet  have the good knowledge to clean rugs the proper way.

At Ever Steam Carpet that is Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver, we are an adept in the care needed to assure that rugs last a lifetime and more. We are one of the few businesses in Denver that hand washes fine Oriental rugs with soap and water to ensure they are not damaged in the cleaning procedure. Because of our reputation of brilliance in rug care, rugs are sent to us from all over the world for cleaning and restoration. 

Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver

At Ever Steam Carpet that is Area Rug Cleaning Company in Denver , we have some of the most knowledgeable rug repair experts
Our weavers can repair anything on your rug or carpet, including a simple spot tear, side wrapping, overcasting, fringe repair, as well as totally reweaving holes and complete areas of a rug, large or small. Our repair and restoration techniques are top notch, our weavers can hold any restoration challenge.

Keep Your Rugs Looking Their Best

Rugs are a lovely way to add texture, depth, and warmth to your home. But just like your carpets, they are subject to the wear and tear of everyday foot traffic. With Ever Steam Carpet that is Best Area Rug Cleaning In Denver, you can clean and protect your rugs to keep them looking their finest!

Many traditional rug cleaning or store-bought cleaners can look like they get the job done, but they are not continuously enough. In fact, sometimes the chemicals they use can really damage delicate fibers. Ever Steam Carpet that is Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver offer a better solution; one that is non-toxic and does not use damaging chemicals or soaps to clean.

Area Rug Cleaning Services in Denver

We don’t just clean carpets. Ever Steam Carpet that is Top Area Rug cleaners in Denver removes dirt from living spaces where you and your loved ones devote time, creating a clean, healthy home. And, because we don’t use soaps, detergents, or harsh chemicals which attract dust and dirt over time, your surfaces stay cleaner lengthier.